How to install Qik in google ideos mobile phone?

How to install QIK in google ideos mobile phone? By mohsin siddique For that you need to go to settings> applications, there you would find a box named UNKNOWN SOURCES, you have to check this box, then go to the mobile browser rachel balbert dating and enter this link that …..
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How to open loudspeaker and dial pad during call?

How to lock the mobile phone using the power button?

How to off vibration from user inter phase keys?

How to off Vibration from User Inter Phase Keys? By Mohsin Siddique There is a setting on the mobile phone that even on silent the mobile phone does not vibrate, but when the UI buttons are used yet vibration happens although the vibration setting has been done on never. For …..
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Tethering- How to make Wi-Fi Hotspot from Google Ideos?

Android Smart Phone Training By Mohsin Siddique   1.   Tethering – How to make Wi-Fi Hotspot from Google Ideos? There is an option called Tethering in your Google Ideos phone, tethering means to use internet which is coming on your mobile phone through GPRS and you can use it on …..
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